Big Cocks for Big Tits

Amy Azurra, Carmella Bing, Kaia Kane

Amy is a glamorous, blonde, elephantine titted, wanton wench. Carmella’s a gorgeous brunette, with a pair of humongous tits, and Kaia is a scintillating, brunette, sexual siren, with a toned, taut, dancer’s body. Wasting no time on a silly set up, and little on foreplay, this torrid trio, of femme fatales, drop to their knees, voraciously sucking their stud’s steely shafts, with gluttonous, sluttish avarice, gusto, and consummate, oral mastery. Then, in a mish mash, of sapphic pussy licking, fingering, and kissing, coupled with, some fabulous, fervid fucking, their two studs, brutishly slam their beefy battering rams, into the girl’s hungry hooches, in every conceivable position, as they moan and wail, ecstatically, lost in a frenzied, cock crazed, rapture. At the end, one stud spray paints Carmella and Amy’s titanic tits, with a copious coating of cum. Then, his buddy, pulls out, of a ferocious, missionary pounding, to fire an astounding, jet stream of jism, all over Kaia’s toned belly, that is so powerful, and far reaching, that it splatters, all over Carmella’s face, as she watches voyeuristically, giving her a massive, long range facial.

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