After Laying Down the Law Everyone Gets Laid

Kit Lee, Kat Lee, Tanya Cox, Kaia Kane

In this bawdy, humorous scene, Kaia Kane, a drop dead gorgeous, bewitching brunette, plays a Judge, presiding over the trial of Kit and Kat Lee, a pair of identical, T&A, brunette strumpets, for their lewd and lascivious behavior, with scintillating, redheaded Tanya Fox, playing the barrister. Naturally it does not take long, for all four girls, to begin ravenously sucking, the three brawny, well hung bailiffs, in earnest. Then, Tanya gets pounded, bent over the desk, in standing doggie, while Kaia gets plowed in missionary, and then, goes for a raucous ride, in cowgirl, with her phenomenal ass, exuberantly humping a monster cock, followed by Tanya and a twin doing the same, in reverse cowgirl, as the other twin diddles herself, with a vibrating dildo, filling the room, with a cacophony of their lecherous moans and shrieks. They continue their debauched fuckfest, sucking and fucking, every which way, until the guys, spray their joy juice, into the girls mouths, and all over their faces, leaving them a gorgeous, gooey mess.

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