Alice In Orgy Land A Classic Porn Fairy Tale

Cindy Behr, India, Lexi Ward, Stacy Saran

In this silly, bawdy, ribald, homage to Alice in Wonderland, Stacy a stunning blonde MILF, plays a delightfully coquettish Alice, while big boobed, dark skinned, ebony MILF, India, is the evil Queen, who wants her head. Lovely and loquacious, brunette temptress Lexi, is the Mad Hatter, and big titted, blonde MILF, Cindy, is the Cheshire Cat. Alice, who is running for her life, stumbles upon their tea party, followed by the Queen, and her guards; however, since the Queen loves tea, she orders, that they have a sex party instead. Adhering to the Queen’s proclamation, every pretty pussy is either barbarically pounded, fingered, or lavishly licked, while the girls moan and wail, in pornographic exultation, in this depraved, debauched, and decadently, degenerate jamboree, as their frantic, frenzied fucking and sucking usurps every hungry hole, with every potent prick, for a breathtaking display, of lewd and licentious, carnal chaos, culminating in a crescendo of creamy cum, raining down upon pretty pussies, voracious open mouths, and gorgeous faces, for the quintessential, vintage, porn finale.

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