A Generally Slutty Fucking Hospital

Jasmine Black, Stacy Saran

In this classic porn comedy spoof, a doctor, two sexy blonde nurses, and one brunette nurse, are trying to resuscitate a gorgeous, naked brunette goddess, while being interviewed, by a ding bat, big titted brunette newscaster, along with her clueless male producer, who all participate in using sexual healing, to bring the patient back to life, in a fun, torrid porn orgy. Once their fondling, has awoken the brunette goddess, they all get naked, with three girls ravenously sucking the guys, dauntless dongs, with demonish hunger, and admirable oral prowess, while the other two enjoy each others sapphic charms. As is the case with all great orgies, everyone fervidly fucks everyone, every which way that they can, with stoney demon cocks, ardently slamming, into hungry harlot’s holes, while the girls, savor sucking pussy juice, from potent pricks, and kissing, licking, and fondling each other, for some frantic, ferocious, frenzied fucking, while being serenaded, with an erotic rhapsody of moaning, wailing, sluttish jubilation, making this not only a fun, silly scene, but a scorchingly hot one as well. Unfortunately, all good things much come to an end, as this scene does, when one guy shots his load, into the waiting mouths of two beautiful babes, while the other squirts his spluge into the mouth, and all over the titanic tits of the newscaster.


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