Pretty In Pink With A Big Dick In Her Ass

Tammie Lee

Tammie is a ravishing, drop dead gorgeous, brunette temptress. She plays a sexy sous chef, whose amorous assets, have mesmerized the chef, who bends he over the counter, expertly licking her asshole and pussy, from behind, in this all pink kitchen, as she moans elatedly. Then, with her passions set ablaze, she ravenously sucks his turgid tool, with gluttonous hunger, verve, and admirable oral aptitude. Hungry for more, she plants her asshole, onto his meat missile, in reverse cowgirl, vehemently bouncing, on his prick, while we admire her closely cropped, fur topped, pretty, pierced pussy, as she moans and cries out, in libidinous exultation. He continues, his anal assault, in spoon, brutishly driving his beef baton, into her, as she groans and squeals, in lascivious jubilation. Following some more, fervid pussy licking, and cock sucking, he potently plows his beef stick, into her, in anal missionary, as she fingers her clit, moaning and screeching ecstatically. After ly sucking her ass juice, from his dork, she goes for a wild ride, in anal cowgirl, as her firm, fine ass, ardently humps him, before he resumes, brutishly driving his prick into her, in anal missionary, as she moans and yelps, in a delirious, dick revelry, until he unleashes a geyser of goo, spraying it into, and all over, her mouth and tits, leaving her looking, like a glazed donut.

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