At This Wedding The Girls Fuck Two Guys Straight

Jeny Baby, Kaia Kane, Stacy Saran

While marrying two gay men, Stacy an absolutely stunning, blonde MILF, who is playing a minister, ask them, if they have ever considered having sex, with a woman, and if, they would like to try it, at least once, with their ravishing, brunette bridesmaids, played by intoxicating Kaia, and alluring Jenny, before taking their vows. When another man comes in, Stacy a true maestro of the oral arts, offers to show them, what they are missing, by giving her stud, a devastating blow job, then seeing the error, in their ways, these misguided studs, revel in the girls ravenously sucking their potent pricks. Getting into the swing of things, one ardently slams, his steely shaft into Jeny, while she gluttonously sucks the other, moaning, and squealing, with fiery fervor, as Kaia and Stacy, bestow an enviable double blow job on the other stud. Taking to straight sex, like a duck takes to water, the two grooms, vehemently slam their demon cocks, into our dazzling beauties voracious, bald, pussies, and greedy mouths, in every possible combination, inciting the girls, to moan and cry out, in orgiastic exultation, in this incendiary display, of carnal conversion. To christen this momentous occasion, the girls ravenously suck the guys off, with sluttish avidity, filling their mouths, with a boat load of cum.

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